Remedial Massage
For thousands of years massage therapy has been used to relieve fatigued and sore muscles. Remedial massage is Hands on manipulation of the muscular structure and soft body tissue which triggers biochemical sensors that send inflammation reducing signals to muscle cells. Remedial massage is used for deep tissue/deep muscle movements to affect the sub-layer of musculature and fascia for chronic and acute pain relief.

Gua sha
Performing gua sha involves taking a spoon or a polished buffalo horn and repeatedly rubbing or scraping the tool on the skin over the sore area. The treatment will be given over the upper back, neck and shoulders. This technique will help in releasing pain in those areas. "Sha" is best defined as the red splotches or petechia that appear on the skin from rubbing the spoon or tool repeatedly over the affected area. Blood flow is decreased anytime we have a spasm or an injury. Both lactic and uric acid can get trapped underneath the skin or within a bound of muscle due to the lack of drainage caused by the decrease of blood flow. Signs of metabolic waste products being released into the tissue become evident in the form of sha. This sha is a positive sign for an initial treatment as it lets you know changes are happening in the underlying muscle tissue and fascia.

Pregnancy Massage
For treatment and relief of the discomfort and stress that pregnancy can place on the body. A pregnancy massage has a number of benefits including prevention of muscle spasm and back pain, reducing pelvic pain caused during pregnancy, improving circulation and reducing swelling in feet and ankles and relaxing the body (and the baby).